Ring solders make it possible to miniaturize print circuit boards!
How to use ring solders for miniaturizing print circuit boards.


Lately, people in the electronic machine and tools industry are most interested in miniaturizing print circuit boards.
Miniaturizations of electronic parts have rapidly improved due to the miniaturization of most machines and tools including print circuit boards. Although, yet it is still difficult to miniaturize connectors.@Because usually the receptacle of a connector is attached to leading wires, it is necessary to make it into a certain size. However, there should be a possibility to reform the header portion, which is attached to the circuit board.Usually, the head portion of a connector has pins, which works as connectors, inputted into the plastic circuit board. And the usual way of the use is to solder after inserting this head portion into the circuit board from the other end. (Picture A-a)

When you look from a point of miniaturizing print circuit boards, especially from a viewpoint of miniaturizing the height of circuit boards, it is possible to remove the base portion and shorten the height by inserting contact pins directly into circuit boards.

This could mean constructing a connector on top of a circuit board rather than simply using the connector as a partTo avoid problems of intensity and resistance when contacting, it is necessary to solder after inserting the contact pin into the circuit board

When soldering at the other side as shown at picture B, there shouldnft be much problem to shorten the height because you could solder by dipping into the solder bath.
Thinking from a different angle, it could be possible to miniaturize the size by cutting the pins coming out of the other side, if you solder at the same side that you inserted pins into the board. (Picture B-b)

However, it is not easy to actually solder the contact pin inserted into the circuit board at the same side. It is not likely when dipping into solder bath because solder will stick on to the portion where the socket of the contact pin matches and fattens the pin. Also, this method is not recommended because solder will over cover the surface of the contact pin, which are usually covered with gold and other metals to reduce the resistance.

Therefore, you will need to hand solder or use a soldering robot to solder each pin one by one. If there are only few pins to solder, you might not take time but if there are more pins, you will need a long time to finish this process. Think of printing cream solders, printing solders are still uncertain when thinking of its strength due to the limited quantity of solders.

So what should we do now?

And here comes the ring solder. 
Insert ring solders into the bottom of the pin as shown in picture D. And solder by using the re-flow method with other chip parts. You could finish soldering as shown in picture C and greatly contribute to miniaturize the size of the connector (especially the height).

Using gWa!Penh is another way to insert ring solders into connector pins. gWa!Penh eases the inserting process more than using tweezers.@ To insert less than 10 pins, it takes just the same time as when using the automatic inserting machine.

If you donft want to rely on hands and if you need to produce same items in large quantity, please ask us for the automatic inserting machine.

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